You can't even imagine how many times I've heard statements from women all the rage public and at work like We don't care what we eat! Approved there are some good female bosses and co-workers out there who bidding have your back in the administrative centre and form reputable references and long-lasting friendships, but they are rarities. Not even a decade ago, an American woman I talked to thought so as to Armenia still belonged to Russia. I've only ever known one American female who admitted to not knowing how to cook and was willing en route for learn how, and that was absolute before she got married.

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It also seems that such men are suffering from missing balls syndrome. Their hatred for men. I'm appalled by the number of Scarlet Letters I see on women in the aerobics studio, at the store and during a stroll through the park. American women are in a state of abjuration. Disturbingly, some men like a bitch, a woman with an attitude. After some American women found out so as to I was dating overseas and why I was doing so, in accumulation to being shocked, they still had the nerve to tell me I wasn't looking hard enough or all the rage the right places.

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The rest is meaningless. American women can't comprehend why men are angry, avoiding them and looking overseas for lady companions. Even if you're riding along with them and clearly locate a aim for them, even if it's a major freeway or big convention center, they still won't see it after that will keep on driving. American women generally think that being nice is a sign of weakness and so as to being a bitch is what gets things done. Despite skills, qualifications after that consistently producing stellar results, top performers are picked on the most as a result of female bosses in order to pander to the interests of the weakest links they fail to fire. My best bosses were one female who got it and one male. I came to the conclusion long back that American women are a abandoned cause and need to be avoided. Even after I make my advantage multiple times, I still get looks like I just disembarked from a spaceship. Their hatred for men.

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American women are too busy stuffing their faces at fast food joints after that consuming overpriced drinks at Starsucks en route for even try to make a home-cooked meal. Few American women will acknowledge they they are bitches and the ones that don't are severely absent in self-awareness. I've also heard women complain to men about the become rough as if the men were by hook or by crook responsible for meteorology. Chivalry is apparently dead, yet I still hear American women complain that their men don't do things to satisfy their princess syndrome like take them out en route for a nice dinner on Valentine's Calendar day. They struggle mightily with their fitness and appearance.

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Always heard that denial is dangerous? The more time I spend in the U. Whether they are managers, aide managers, upper management or human resources, they are not in their positions to lead, but to abuse ability. I just have no respect designed for bitches and that is what a good number American women are. I rarely attend to praise from women about men before the men they are with, although plenty of constant complaints and analysis. Having been exposed to other cultures and interacting with foreign women, I now had a reference point designed for which to formulate a basis of comparison, something I never had before could do previously.

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I came to the conclusion long back that American women are a abandoned cause and need to be avoided. I've noticed that nowadays, their tattoos cover all or most of their body, and that it is almost impossible for them to cover them up per their job requirements. Always heard that denial is dangerous? Constant if you're riding with them after that clearly locate a destination for them, even if it's a major clearly or big convention center, they allay won't see it and will adhere to on driving. Oh, and someone doesn't respect her body. Ironic how I've heard phrases like Well, a be in charge of designed it indicating blame on men for construction flaws. American women as a rule make terrible bosses and co-workers.

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