It is named after a former rural community, which itself was named for Dr. Beaumont Dixie, who lived in Erindale. RestaurantsComputer Consultants. Old Mill Pastry Ajar now.

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Buzz number Get directions. Lakeshore is the only arterial road which crosses Hurontario Street but is not divided addicted to east and west segments by it, instead being split by the Accept River. City of Mississauga Closed at once. It begins south of Derry Rd. Formerly part of Highway 10 after that still often colloquially labelled as such. The portion north of Eglinton Ave. Despite its length, it's predominantly a low-capacity two-lane road until Britannia Boulevard, where it widens to four lanes, and expands to a major six-lane artery after it merges with Erin Mills Pkwy see above and assumes the Regional Road 1 designation a minute ago south of Highway Italian Restaurants , Restaurants.

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