Ahead of Wednesday's raid, agents made other covertly visits and were propositioned for femininity acts in the Champagne Room. Members of the East Allentown-Rittersville Neighborhood Alliance, who fought the strip club all the rage the past, say the establishment is bringing problems to the area. He said they were seen on the club's surveillance cameras high-fiving each erstwhile. It is one of two cases making allegations about wages against the company that owns Platinum Plus.

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Two officials testify dancers offered sex; attorneys say it was just 'puffery' to arouse.

It includes looking back two years by the establishment's citation history and chat to local law enforcement officers after that others, she said. According to the suit, Frank was offered a activity dancing at Platinum Plus and old an older woman's driver's license all through an interview with a club member of staff Frank knew only as Tom. Litzenberger and the officer texted back after that forth and arranged a meeting designed for 3 p. Most charges for drunk driving, for instance, begin at 0. After several visits, the sex designed for sale sting went down Wednesday about 5PM. It is one of two cases making allegations about wages adjacent to the company that owns Platinum Add to. Defense attorney Collins complained her objections kept attorneys from painting a adventure of what actually happened at the strip club that day. Zampogna laughed at his argument, saying she wouldn't be using an expert to crack dirty talk.

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Zampogna laughed at his argument, saying she wouldn't be using an expert en route for decipher dirty talk. The undercover administrator told Litzenberger he was a amethyst distributor and had some high-priced clients who wanted to be treated able-bodied by some dancers. It is individual of two cases making allegations a propos wages against the company that owns Platinum Plus. You can bring your own cases of beers to assemble on. He calls this a additional low.

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Lehigh County man died 36 hours after falling

Orloski filed an amended version of the lawsuit Tuesday that addressed the club's complaint that the suit did not contain enough information to determine whether Frank had actually danced in the club. The brother of Gerald Dougherty filed a lawsuit this week all the rage Lehigh County Court against the owners of Platinum Plus, blaming staff designed for the fatal fall that occurred all the rage the early morning hours of Dec. The Easton teen's civil suit claims she was harmed when Platinum Add to, the strip club on Airport Boulevard, negligently hired the minor and violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Accomplish by classifying the dancers as all-embracing contractors, rather than employees. The claim alleges that security propped him ahead against a wall instead of by least sitting him down or business a cab. Orloski, who filed the suit on her behalf. Frank's claim says she was 17 when she began working in the club — she is now

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The Gentlemen's Club - Allentown PA - West Columbia SC

Above-board worked at the club for a propos nine months, her suit says. This material may not be published, advertise, rewritten or redistributed. District Judge Royce Lamberth's ruling that the fees the dancers received from patrons for agenda dances were tips and not wages that could be counted toward the minimum wage.

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A good number charges for drunk driving, for case, begin at 0. We have denial comment and I don't have a manager here to speak. District Adjudicate Anita Brody ruled dancers were employees of The Penthouse Club rather than independent contractors, allowing their wage claims against the Philadelphia club to action toward trial. According to the agree with, Frank was offered a job dancing at Platinum Plus and used an older woman's driver's license during an interview with a club employee Above-board knew only as Tom. In a few event, Platinum Plus is probably by a long chalk the premiere strip club in Lehigh Valley probably because its competitors add in The Fox in Bath. Litzenberger alleged she could arrange that for the right price. September 23, By Manuel Gamiz Jr.

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