Alert of pickpockets and the overpriced coating check. So what do you appeal fun? If a visiting friend insists that we go I often achieve up a conversation about flower arrangements or feng shui in a blare voice just to see the answer. That way we can catch our breath later.

Raidd Bar Paris Gay Sjylar Gay Raidd Bar Paris

This is for the serious ones, accordingly drama queens and sensitive souls, this is not for you. The become old group is varied and the air is innocent and not pretentious. Edmund White the American author who a long time ago lived in Paris, titled one of his books The Flaneur meaning a person who hangs around without a purpose observing and watching, but above all allowing the spectacle to unfold arrange its own. Edwina likes Lacroix, Easy prey has her bottle and Saffy her books. Many have strict dress codes or undressed codes. Fills to the max around 7pm and blocks the traffic on the sidewalk until 9: Friends in their 40s meet afterwards work to decompress here.


MicMan — Same crowd as the Individual Way but open at noon along with friendly barmen and cleaner. They are usually busy after work and ahead of dinner from 7pm to 9pm after happy hour prices kick in after that then enjoy a second wave about midnight. Perhaps a decent air filtering system would play a part also if everyone is smoking. People don't go to the same places by the same time, so be absolutely to follow our recommendations for the best hours to frequent these amazing gay bars in Paris! A comparatively recent phenomena this intersection has be converted into gay central. This is for the serious ones, so drama queens after that sensitive souls, this is not designed for you. Easily avoided upstairs if you prefer. Just fake a sneeze after trying to pronounce it. Open as of 2 pm to 2 am although their busiest time is around 7 to 10 pm.

Bar Paris Gay Raidd

La Show Time @ RAIDD (Paris, France) - Tue Jan 8

The leathery dress codes are strict after that highly accessorized and somewhat precious. Conceivably a decent air filtering system would play a part too if all is smoking. The extra bonus is the downstairs. Les Maronniers —Food advantage at all hours which is expedient and nice chestnut trees in abut of a big, outdoor terrace, and so the name Maronniers.

Gay Raidd Bar Paris


Accurate leather dress code on Wednesday. Tables on the upstairs balcony offer an intimate view where you can attend to the happy hour from above. A good place to mingle on Sunday afternoons as well as Tuesday after that Thursday nights. Open 11 am en route for 6 am daily. Friends in their 40s meet after work to decompress here. Just fake a sneeze after trying to pronounce it. One gets the impression that Parisians are addicted on enhanced reality and scoff a bit at lonely virtuality.

Jszef Paris Raidd Gay Bar


All in all everything is possible here. The client of the hard cruising scene overlaps but has specific nights that act best for specific bars. MicMan — Same crowd as the One Approach but open at noon with affable barmen and cleaner. This will be the sitting and drinking version of that. COX — Cruisy, muscled Parisians and tourists with a touch of attitude. Coming soon Coming soon Amount matters- and time matters too!

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