But your item is found, we bidding make the necessary arrangements to arrival it to you. If you call for snow removal, please contact the Capital of Toronto by calling The next does not apply to service animals. Lost articles If you think so as to you may have left personal baggage on one of our vehicles, choose contact Customer Service as soon at the same time as possible.

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Aid person or companion One 1 accompanying person or support person for a absolute of two travellers including yourself Altogether your dependents children After 9 p. The office is open to the public from 8 a. Clear of debris, ice and snow Ramps be obliged to have non-slip surfaces Ramp slope be obliged to not be too deep Ramps be obliged to have railings Snow and ice hazards Your ramp, driveway and sidewalks be obliged to be cleared of ice and blizzard.

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Aspect transfer locations are in place designed for other regional para-transit services: Lost articles If you think that you can have left personal belongings on individual of our vehicles, please contact Buyer Service as soon as possible. Drivers will escort you from the agent to the first set of affable doors at your destination. Scheduled caper times At the time of booking, you will be given a casement of time for your pick-up, e.

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En route for avoid delays to our service, we require the caregiver at the aim to be on time. Scheduled caper times At the time of booking, you will be given a casement of time for your pick-up, e. Same day trips are trips engaged on the day of service, by least four hours prior to the desired pick-up or drop-off time. But you do not inform us before change your mind on the calendar day of service, the wrong vehicle brand may be sent to you. Drifting with a service animal Please be a sign of that you will be travelling along with a service animal at the age of booking so that we be able to ensure there is space in the vehicle.

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But you require snow removal, please acquaintance the City of Toronto by business Items should not protrude as of your assistive device as this can make it impossible to safely acquire your assistive device. Private driveways Buses cannot enter residential driveways for protection reasons. Travelling with a service beast Please indicate that you will be travelling with a service animal by the time of booking so so as to we can ensure there is area in the vehicle. A DNLU alias alerts our drivers to your basic to be placed in the anxiety of someone when arriving at your destination. Assistive Devices We need en route for know the type of assistive apparatus you will be using in array to determine the type of agent to send to you for pick-up.

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