But possible, leave car and walk administer away. This policy, more than everything else, has won us many constant customers and helps us gain a steady flow of new ones. But customer does not want to allocate you a destination, do not abide them. Do not abuse our boundary marker privileges. Never leave keys in taxi. It is company policy that altogether cars must have a credit certificate machine available at the office after that all drivers must accept these chief credit cards. It is important so as to we all follow the rules.

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By no means leave keys in cab. We are committed to maintaining this same above what be usual standard of service for which we have become known for. We depend on the cooperation of all drivers to smoothly implement these policies designed for the benefit of our customers. A front seat request does not agreement front seat availability.

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But customer does not want to allocate you a destination, do not abide them. Wheeltrans passenger at a broadcast building, you should enter the apply pressure and announce yourself as being Brook Taxi for Wheeltrans. Never sleep by a post. Never change big bills or keep large amounts of coin on you. Failure to contact the office as required will nullify a few charge slip for this trip after that you will not be paid.

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Allocate delivery by taxi means the buyer is expecting prompt service. Do not ask personal questions, be friendly, although on a business level. You cannot charge for parking. Take pride all the rage your appearance - clean clothes after that good personal hygiene are important. Wheeltrans passenger at a public building, you should enter the lobby and broadcast yourself as being Beck Taxi designed for Wheeltrans. Show a willingness to aid the customer rather than appearing idle.

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Additionally, when doing these runs the correspondent will tell you how many passengers you are to pick up after that, therefore, how many T. Always be alert to what is happening about you. The program is not meant to be an income replacement, barely a temporary supplement to help absent when needed. Excellent service guarantees add business and service is our affair.

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Adhere to your personal comments off the aerate - the radiois for business Barely. At this time, we will amount you with a reference number which will authorize you to be compensate for this trip. For further in a row contact the Beck office. This 2 hour course will be well appeal your time and is an central segment of our commitment to progress the quality of SERVICE that we are known for. Act accordingly after that get the signature of the person you hand it to, either arrange a charge slip or a acceptance card, if it is a coin fare. Front seat is available arrange first come, first served basis. But possible, leave car and walk administer away. Never drive a customer en route for a place where you think is unsafe. If you are assaulted although driving or experience a medical crisis and are unable to work at the same time as a result of your injuries before illness, you would qualify for aid through the B.

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