The Innes Mill circa The new acting was opened in and provides a modern venue for live performances. It is largely residential, with most ad development located along Yonge Street. This photo pre-dates the barn-raising on the Palmer farm documented in the Events section for the s. Plenty of parks and great shopping along Chief Mackenzie add to the desirability of the area. On the right is William Ransom and second from the right is John Sheardown. Schomberg after that Aurora Railway station at Oak Ridges. The uneven melting of the glacier that formed the town has led to an extremely varied geography contained by the town's own borders, leading en route for such features as kettle lakesminor tributaries and most notably the Oak Ridges Moraine. The original frame structure of was brick-clad by their son Isaac in about

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Built in the early s, the division contains large expansive homes. The David Bridgeford house at Richmond St. This photograph was taken circa George Cowie; an unidentified man and dog; James G. Index Places Picture post certificate village. Its porous nature allows the collection and natural filtering of waters that flow through it which are then fed into multiple underground aquifers.

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