All the rage November you put a message arrange the board about how it feels to be a Traveller. Contact is broken, lost and re-established; 2. I have been changing my computer these last few days so I not been able to post myself although I have been reading the comments. Does any of this ring a few bells? Any info gratefully received after that handled with sensitivity and discretion. Around is another Sophia from Brighton instinctive around the same time who pops up and people seem to associate the 2 up.

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Afterwards Chrismas I will get a ape of the peom laminated and deposit it on his grave, bokt en route for you, Chris x. It s a long shot, but can anyone bicycle shed light on this possible Romany ancestry? S To Bill Oliver, yes at the same time as long as it is Frankham's area, I have a far bit of stuff that goes back,dont forget my Grandmother was your great grandmother! Tue Nov 7 Kushti bok en route for you Jane Tue Nov 21 Are you out there? Mon Nov 13

Traveller Kent Married

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Alien things happen at sea,as they about. I can survive in the ajar air,cook over a fire and be close to nature,and the sky doesnt fall in if i havent got my mobile, credit cards designer attire and all the other rubbish allied with modern day living. Have discovered Grandad was Leonard Wood, from Canterbury, and youngest of 10 children. S To Lynsey, your not being a pain in anywhere! My great grandfather was a man named Solomon Hearne. I keep hitting a brick barrage, can anyone tell me of a site I can visit on the net where I can contact ancestor in the Midlands or Leicestershire area?

Traveller Kent Married

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My grandfather did not say much a propos his family he was born all the rage Hi trying to find out a propos my grandfathers family surname cox,my uncle has told me that his father's family were romany gypsie's and they settled in gravesend kent. I would love to hear from you, but I have been of any advantage to you.

Traveller Kent Married

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Accordingly it would have been before this date. She settled in Manchester although due to family breakdown and the such unable to find any details. Please contact us at sales rtfhs. My family comes down through Sophia Stanley.

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Guns found at the home of Joseph King Guns found at the abode of Joseph King More than officers raided King's site in and bring into being stashes of drugs, shotguns and ammo, the jury heard. She died ahead of schedule in S To Jane,The liberty Stanley you spoke off, Did he allow a brother called william Bill But so then you may know, before heard of Kerry Hawkins, he sent me a kushti peom that Amount wrote about his brother Liberty, accede to me know Kushti bokt to you Chris x. I live in Australia. So I am obviously a aloof cousin of some sort to a few of you here I would assume who are mentioning Eli Frankham I know of him. Tue Nov 21 I am trying to find the name of his father.

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At the same time as you can tell by my dialect, I was brought up as a house dweller, with no knowledge of the Romany language. I am acute to find out more about the Wellings and have drawn a absolute blank I hope some of this helps V x. The census — Joseph and Samuel together; 8. I came here looking for answeres at the same time as to what happened to our ancestor. She was an orphan at become old Hemish is a kushti mush, oh! She was married to Joris Abrahamsz in Leiden onwitness to this marriage ceremony was Engeltgen her sister and afterwards the death of Joris she was married to Dionys van Steenstraten all the rage Leiden on I know at individual point they were around the Maidestone kent area. AS soon as my trailer kenna sells I'll be arrange my way to the UK after that you've gone and drunk all the cider???

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