A knowingly chosen immoral act might answer in one emotion or another, before a person might knowingly make a sinful choice in response to an emotion, but emotions are not themselves sins. In other words, it is the type of act that is intrinsically ordered toward the good aim of creating new life. The abuse of artificial contraception causes any acts of marital relations to be blocked to life, thereby making the challenge to use natural family planning not truly natural. Can a married female use the contraceptive pill for a medical purpose, while refraining entirely as of sexual relations?

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The good end of family planning be obliged to be sought by a good agency in order to be moral. Contraceptive acts done in the development of its [the conjugal act's] natural consequences would include methods that interfere along with conception after intercourse, such as spermicides and pills that prevent ovulation. Around are two common reasons that Catholics ask if marital relations is decent during the wife's period. And but each of these essential qualities, the unitive and the procreative, is conserve, the use of marriage fully retains its sense of true mutual adoration and its ordination to the absolute responsibility of parenthood to which be in charge of is called. The use of contraception deprives the sexual act of the procreative meaning and is therefore basically evil and always gravely immoral. After that so the marital act remains decent even when conception cannot occur anticipate to pregnancy.

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As a result, under the third font of decency, the act is a grave fault. On the contrary, they are abut to ensure that what they accomplish corresponds to the will of God the Creator. Natural family planning is moral because it does not deny sexual acts of the procreative connotation. Though the one spouse is not using the contraceptive, or the abortifacient contraceptive, this same spouse is by design choosing to participate in the contracepted sexual act.

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The intended end is in the at the outset font; the effects consequences are all the rage the third font. All non-marital sexual acts, all non-unitive sexual acts, after that all non-procreative sexual acts are basically evil and always gravely immoral. Accordingly the moral object determines the basic moral nature or inherent moral connotation of the act, in and of itself, apart from intention or aim and circumstances including consequences. But, alike also, it is not the companion, but the wife, who has ability over his body. Therefore, natural conjugal relations must always be open en route for life not contracepted.

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The intention to use an intrinsically criminal act as a means to a good end is an evil aim. Certain kinds of acts are essentially immoral by the very nature of the act. It is good designed for a man not to touch a woman. The use of artificial contraception causes any acts of marital relations to be closed to life, by this means making the attempt to use accepted family planning not truly natural. Additionally, if the wife is using an abortifacient contraceptive, such as the beginning control pill, both spouses are participating in the sin of direct abortion as well as the sin of contraception. The use of contraception deprives the act of natural intercourse of the procreative meaning, causing the sexual act to be non-procreative. Even individual bad font is sufficient to affect any act to be a fault.

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